About Inspirationsfestivalen 2019

Inspirationsfestival 2019 will take place 18-22 July. Then we will finally enjoy the festival’s 12th edition!

We welcome all the inspirers, enthusiasts and innovators to shape the festival together with us in the beautiful Skattungbyn, a magical oasis in the heart of Dalarna. Workshops, lectures and concerts will delight the village for three days! Alcohol-free, drug-free, child-friendly, dance-friendly, jam-friendly.

Full festival pass: 400kr,
Day pass: Thursday free. Friday or Saturday 200kr. Sunday 100kr.

Full festival pass 300kr, Friday or Saturday 150kr. Sunday 100kr.
Thursday free. Children up to 12 years free of charge.
Discounted price applies to pensioners, young people up to 18 years old, asylum seekers an those on sick leave. Volunteers are welcome!

In co-operation with , Swedish organization that promotes alcohol- and drug-free cultural activities.


 In co-operation with Mora Folkhögskola.


Here are some nice rules of practice during your stay at festival. (Yes, you read correctly: rules! This to create a safe one atmosphere for residents of Skattungbyn as well as visitors during the festival. Then we can continue to have a festival!)

1. Show consideration for accommodation in the village. Do not bet private land, just go on marked paths and public roads.
2. Park only in designated location. Do not park a vehicle along the way any place in the village.
3. Keep your dog connected all the time. The owner takes full responsibility for the dog as well its stools.
4. Alcohol and drugs are not allowed.
Smoking is undesirable throughout the festival area but definitely within crowds. Fimpa safe, unavailable for children and animals. Absolutely not on the ground.
5. Use sparingly with paper in the toilets so there is room for more.

Tip: §Take with cash! There is no ATM in the village.

Our security team will wander around during the festival and make sure that everyone is fine.
For questions, send us a private message.
And do not forget the most important thing; to have a nice festival!


Questions or comment? Write to: