Artist info 2019

We are happy and proud to have the opportunity to have these amazing bands playing on this years festival!

Some of the band you will have the possibility to enjoy are:

-Hugo Den Fete & Milega Band-…


The worlds best desertblues/groove/socrazygoodswing band with magical rythms. You won’t be able to stand still when listening to this amazing band from Sudan/Sweden!


-Vårt Solsystem-…

-Emma Nordenstam-…

-Marika Wittmar med band-…

-Elias Grind-

-Eywind Blix-

-Sanna Sjödén-…


-Alma Lisa-Liv-

-Adam Lenell-

-Isabella Jordkreation-

-Skattunge Balkan Band-

-Alex Tael Band-

-Folkloric Guerilla-