Inspirationsfestivalen presenterar: Alf Ea ~ Space Mariachi

Mexican electronic music producer Alf Ea ~ Space Mariachi. Cosmic traveller, gipsy heart, free soul, universal love.

Originated in instrumental rock, followed by a journey through the sounds of India, Egypt, and northern Europe, Space Mariachi has returned to his roots. Space Mariachi is a Psy-rock-folk Mexican musician melting into electronic techno and house music, an emerging musician bringing a fresh brave voice and sound, flirting with the 60-70’s pure rock’n’roll after reaching the original fountains of liberated expression mixed with his deep shamanic heritage and experience.
Space Mariachi is here to break mirrors and create bridges, making an amazing sandwich with astral journeys, primal sounds and heart frequencies you’ve never tasted before!
Alf’s art and music is an open invitation for a journey of deep and wild understanding of what is mutual to the heartbeat and the electron, the simcard and the mithocondria, while dancing to sound that is between the sounds, the sounds of consciousness.
He has shared stage, and being played internationally in places like Mexico, Denmark, England, Wales, Ireland, Sweden, Portugal, France, Germany, Thailand, Indonesia, India, Nepal.


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