Inspirationsfestivalen presenterar: Margit Korbe

Inspirationsfestivalen presenterar Margit Korbe och en föreläsning i stjärnornas tecken:
(Föreläsningen är på engelska.)

The Eclipses & Transformation of Foundations in 2019-2020

In the lecture will be shared insights on current astrological developments that affect each of us personally, but also on a wider collective level. A Solar Eclipse on July 2nd and Lunar Eclipse on July 16th just prior to the festival bring forth powerful new energies to push us forward on the path of finding a new sense of home, nurturance and peace, while facing the ending of long-held dysfunctional structures. You’re welcome to come and hear how astrology as a tool helps to make sense of the pivotal times we are in.




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