The Celtic Sweat lodge

Ett kärt återseende!
Inspirationsfestivalen välkomnar Tim Jago & Rebecka Römsing med keltisk svetthydda!

The Celtic Sweat lodge

”At some time we all feel completely stuck. We feel lost or that our life is missing a purpose. We struggle through the day to day business of eating, working, cleaning, paying the bills but we never seem to be getting anywhere. Then it is time to enter the lodge.

We need to reconnect, to let go of the worn out baggage of our past. We need to step away from civilisation and return to something older, wiser. Something at the heart of our being. We need to remember who we are and why we are here. The time has come to enter the lodge

The time has come for change. We are no longer the person we used to be. We need to let them go. We are stepping into a new life, a new name, a new way of being. Releasing the old and celebrating the new, your time has come to enter the lodge.

The Celtic lodge is a ritual of death and rebirth. It is a process which clarifies what is important and what is just eating up your energy and your time. During the ritual there is a process of release and healing, followed by realisation and understanding. The lodge is a challenge and a gift, showing you your true potential and your inner strength.

Practical information; we light the fire together, meditate and then enter the lodge. We’re in the lodge for about three hours. Afterwards there will be a sharing circle. You will need a water bottle, something to eat after the ceremony, two towels. Inside the lodge you can wear swimming clothes, a sarong, a towel or nothing at all.”

Praktisk info om svetthyddan:
Var med och bygg upp svetthyddan och garantera din plats i hyddan: Torsdag 18/7 kl.10-13 och 14:30-17:30.
För övrig anmälan kommer en lista att finnas i entrén. Du anmäler dig på plats i entrén. Folk behövs även för att ta ner hyddan på söndag den 21/7. För det har du även en garanterad plats under helgen. 🔥


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