Inspirationsfestivalen welcomes Krian!

Kristoffer Aronsson (aka Krian), is a certified practician of Chi Nei Tsang and Qi Gong-instructor within Universal Healing Tao.

Qi Gong can be translated to “energy work”. With movement, meditation and visualization you work to evolve and refine your energy which has an healthy effect of both body and soul. This workshop will contain some of the Universal Healing Tao basic exercises as warmup, Inner Smile, Microcosmic Orbit and the Six Healing Sounds.

Chi Nei Tsang can be translated to energy massage for the inner organs. or taoist stomach massage. The philosophy is that our inner organ particular, contains energy for our feelings. Through different massage techniques in combination with respectful touch we can open up our stomach areas and release stress and  emancipate deep negative feelings. Many people describe their experiences within Chi Nei Tsang as deeply grounding and a feeling of coming home. This workshop will contain a few basic massage techniques which we will exercise on each other. Thoughts about the concept of healing touch and peace touch and how to treat yourself.

No previous knowledge required.

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